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Succession, Transition, Resilience, Revolution

At the end of 2022 members of the Bestem Network gathered in London to discuss and debate what we expected from the year ahead. The discussion was seeded with three topics:

  • The 4th Industrial revolution will happen as a consequence of transitioning towards a low carbon economy, do you agree?
  • How will we balance the resilience needed to survive the short-term disruptions (inflation, energy scarcity, supply chain, political upheaval) with innovation and roll-out of the transitions that will be required?
  • What steps are you taking to enable the next generation of leaders to step up and take control, drive their agenda while contributing your wisdom but not getting in the way?

Over the holidays Dan and I wrote up the notes from the discussion and shared them with the network, they are now available for general release. Please read and enjoy.

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Gareth Davies

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